Independent Glass can supply an impressive range of high quality laminated glass products, including laminated toughened and heat strengthened glasses, suitable for most safety and security applications. Regularly specified for standard architectural laminated glass is now increasingly used to meet the demands of high specification projects.

Ideally suited to balustrading, partitions and roof glazing, IG can manufacture laminated glass incorporating a wide range of cut outs and drill holes. Laminated glass with coloured interlayers is also available in both primary and pastel shades.

In addition energy efficient or solar control glasses can be incorporated, along with a wide range of finishes, such as screenprinting and easy clean coating. Compliant with current European Standards, whatever your safety glass requirements, ig can be relied upon to have the capability and technical expertise to supply products to meet your needs.

IG’s range of laminated glass products includes these specialist products:

With Vanceva Coloured Interlayers - these interlayers can be combined to produce over 1,000 transparent, translucent or opaque colour options with all the performance benefits of laminated glass to achieve a unique and stunning finish. These coloured interlayers can be combined with tinted or reflective glasses to give endless design possibilities.

With DuPont™ SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayer - which is 100 times stiffer and 5 times stronger than traditional interlayers and produces a super strength glass for structural applications. This product not only protects against more powerful impacts but allows the use of reduced glass thickness (and thus reduced weight loadings). Laminated glass made with SentryGlas® acts as an engineered composite with low mechanical strain under loads and outstanding post breakage resistance to creep and collapse. Whilst having superior strength SentryGlas® also has outstanding clarity and is the ideal partner to Low Iron glass in applications where a clearer final product is required.

Sound Reducing laminated glass - IG's range of laminated glass offers two solutions for sound reduction. The use of standard PVB laminated glass gives a considerable degree of noise reduction along with all its other inherent benefits.

Where safety and security criteria are not specified but sound reduction is a paramount requirement then the incorporation of AC41 acoustic interlayer, with its high sound reduction performance, is the ideal solution.

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